SignalChem Diagnostics offers a comprehensive portfolio of CRISPR-associated proteins, featuring a diverse range of highly active CRISPR enzymes tailored to meet the demands of cutting-edge gene-editing applications. Our selection of CRISPR enzymes ensures exceptional specificity, efficiency, and versatility in various CRISPR-based gene manipulation techniques, enabling the development of innovative and reliable gene-editing solutions.

Product Name Catalog #
Cas13 [LwCas13a (LwC2c2)] Kit CS13A-H834
Cas13 (LbuCas13a) Kit CS13A-U834
Cas12 (LbCpf1, His) Kit C12CR-H834
Cas12 (LbCpf1, GST) Kit C12CR-G834
Cas12 (AapCas12b) Kit C12B1-U834